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Air date November 25, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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"Lord of the Sands"
"Promised Land"



The Deltoid Rock Prison colony in the Greater Asteroid Field has been taken over by the inmates. The General and his army are holding the command bridge but McCross is leading the Black Hole Gang in an attempt to control the station. The General fires the mighty engines and Deltoid is on the move, headed for a peaceful planet where escape vessels await. Commander Walsh decides to send a Ranger inside to take back control of the station. Q-Ball rigs the charging chamber to amplify Goose's Series Five implant giving Goose the ability to hold the disguise of an alien for three hours. Goose infiltrates the prison and makes his way to the command bridge that is held by the General. Time is running out as Goose must first get through the Black Hole Gang and prove himself against the other outlaws who have taken over the base.