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Air date October 21, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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"Edge of Darkness"


The Kiwi are rejoicing. The last remaining Girkins have begun to prosper and reproduce. Almost exterminated by the Queen of The Crown to power her Slaver Lords, the last remaining Girkins have hidden on Kirwin. Now it seems they will survive and multiply. But high up in the surrounding hills, a spy for the Queen witnesses the celebration. When the Queen learns of this find, she sends an armada of fighters for a sneak attack on Kirwin to recapture the Girkins. She hires renegade Supertrooper, Ryker Killbane, to use his super biodefenses to pierce the protective force shield surrounding Kirwin. Once through, Killbane destroys the field power source leaving Kirwin totally vulnerable to attack. The Galaxy Rangers rocket to Kirwin and help the Kiwi make their stand against the powerful forces of the Imperial Crown.