Episode 2
New frontier titlecard
Air date October 29, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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"New Frontier" is the second episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.


The Galaxy Rangers with Zachery Foxx in command are sent to rescue captured humans from the Queen's psychocrypt asteroid. The Rangers first stop on the outlaw planet of Tortuna to contact Captain Kidd but the Kidd has been set up by the Queen. Her Slaver Lords and Crown Agents ambush the Rangers. The Rangers escape with Captain Kidd and rocket to the psychocrypt asteroid to rescue the humans, including Aliza Foxx. Her lifeforce, however, is already drained into a psychocrystal and now powers one of the Queen's dread Slaver Lords. Aliza Foxx is brought back to Earth and is deep-frozen to keep the Queen from using Aliza as a spy. Zachery vows to hunt down the Slaver Lord that wears the other half of his wife's psychocrystal. If this crystal can be found and connected to the crystal worn by Aliza, she can be brought fully back to life.