Episode 1
Phoenix title
Air date September 14, 1986
Written by Robert Mandell
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"New Frontier"

"Phoenix" is the first episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.


Galaxy Ranger Zachery Foxx is assigned to check out a small group of humans who have established a base on the planet Kirwin. Here humans, Kiwi and Andorians are working together to set up a planetary force shield to protect Kirwin from alien invasion. Captain Foxx brings his wife, Aliza, and their two children, Little Zach and Jessica. Alien Ambassadors Zozo and Waldo Zeptic are also with them on the voyage to Kirwin. While in hyperspace, their spaceship, The Phoenix, is caught in a hyperdredge net and forced to drop out in an unexplored region of interstellar space. They are captured by an alien outlaw spaceship commanded by Captain Kidd. Kidd wants to turn the humans over to The Queen of the Crown, notorious leader of an alien empire. Eager to acquire human specimens for her psychocrystal experiments, the Queen sends her regional Slaver Lord to pick up the humans. Zozo and Waldo help Zachery and the children escape but not before Zachery is injured, Aliza Foxx is kidnapped by Captain Kidd and The Phoenix is destroyed. Brought back to the Bureau of Extra-Terrestrial Affairs (BETA) on Earth, Zachery's body is reconstructed with bionics and an experimental computer implant is installed in his brain. Commander Walsh of BETA agrees with Zachery that BETA needs a special group of Galaxy Rangers with special abilities to fight the powerful enemies from outer space. These Galaxy Rangers will all utilize an experimental implant system to enhance their individual abilities. Zachery knows that he is about to become a powerful weapon to fight against the alien outlaws from outer space.


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