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Air date October 10, 1986
Written by Chris Rowley
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"Birds of a Feather"
"Buzzwang's Folly"


The Galaxy Rangers are called back to the planet Walkab after BETA gets a message from the rebels there. Walkab once the site of a powerful gun built by the Queen. The Queen and her gun are no longer there, but left behind is her army of Crown Agents. They are searching for a mysterious gateway to another universe. The Queen would love to conquer a new universe. The Rangers meet with Captain Weeg, a scurvy old seadog who claims to have found a map showing the location of the stargate. Weege wants nothing to do with the Rangers, though he does take an interest in Niko. The Rangers convince Weeg to join them on this quest for the gate. It's an uneasy partnership, as Captain Foxx and Captain Weege can't seem to decide at first who is in charge. The quest leads them on a perilous journey through the Queen's armies and ends at the bottom of the deepest ocean on the planet.