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Air date December 8, 1986
Written by Mick Farren
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"Fire and Iron"
"Gift of Life"

"Tower of Combat" is the 62nd episode of The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.


The General, an evil alien warlord, is back. He has perfected a matter transportation device to collect an army of lifeforms to serve him. The General tests his device by stealing Doc, Zachery, Zozo and Waldo from the bridge of the BETA battle cruiser, The Laredo. The General sends his challenge to BETA. BETA must send two champions to a specific destination. There the champions will battle their way to the top of a tower. At each level of the tower the champions will face a tougher adversary. If they survive, The General's prisoners will be set free. If the BETA champions fail, they will serve The General in his army. Goose and Niko take up the challenge and arrive at the tower to face The General's most dangerous games. The two must fight their way through the five levels of the Tower to free their friends.