Trassh titlecard
Air date October 2, 1986
Written by Christopher Rowley
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"One Million Emotions"


Captain Kidd is fishing in hyperspace when he catches an insect-like spacecraft. To his horror he discovers that it is a Traash scout ship. Before he can throw it back, an invasion fleet appears and begins firing on his ship, The Iron Falcon. The Kidd barely escapes and rockets to Earth yelling, "The Traash are coming, the Traash are coming!" Waldo explains that the Traash have never communicated with anyone and they exterminate any other lifeform that they encounter. The Galaxy Rangers are sent to the Traash high command ship to make contact and stop the space battles. But first they have to get past the Traash warriors and the only one that can help them is Captain Kidd. The Kidd has boasted that he can produce a strange whistle that can paralyze the Traash warriors and now it will be put to the test.