Darkstar is a Supertrooper, part of the same project that brought forth Shane Gooseman and Ryker Killbane. Her major ability is to be able to generate a field of darkness via a series of dark globules that move outwards from her and surround the target, effectively blinding them for a short periods of time. Her powers, enhanced by the Wolf Den incident, now enable her to produce permanent blindness in her targets, if she so desires.

She also heals faster than a normal human, and has enhanced reflexes that enable her to be an effective close combat soldier.

Darkstar normally dresses in a black outfit with flowing fabric, making her look a bit like a dark cloud in motion.

A few months before the Wolf Den incident, Darkstar became romantically involved with the Energy Projector, Stingray, detailed below. During the mass breakout, the two of them fled off-world together, and ended up on the regional planet of Frontier.

Ranger Gooseman, as part of his duties as a Galaxy Ranger, was sent to Frontier to capture both of them and return them to Earth for Cryostasis. The Incident is chronicled in the Archival episode 'Galaxy Stranger.'

After the events transpired, Commander Walsh negotiated with Darkstar and Stingray, getting their word of honor that they would cause no further trouble in exchange for anonymity. He altered records slightly to indicate to most concerned that both of them were safely in the cryocrypt, and left it at that. Sheriff Bob Ladd, on Frontier, was assigned the task of keeping in touch with the two ex-soldiers to ensure that they were well, and to make sure they had not returned to their former ways.

Darkstar had a slight relationship with Shane Gooseman during their time at Wolf Den, but it never amounted to anything because the young Gooseman could never explain his feelings to her - which she needed to hear.