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Niko was raised on the haven world of Xanadu by Ariel, her teacher and mentor. Her real parents died when Niko was very young. She is a trained archaeologist. Her Series 5 implant boosts her already considerable psi talent, allowing her to construct shields. It also amplifies her talent for clairvoyance and psychokinesis. Niko knows tae kwon do and carries a very large gun.

Doc admiring Niko's Big Butt.jpg

Physical and Mental powers[]

Portrayed with auburn hair, hazel eyes and a fit figure, Niko has prowess in the martial arts, is a good shot with a weapon, and not averse to subterfuge and pretense as tools of the trade.

She can receive mental imprints from objects by touch. Her Series 5 implant expands the range of this natural ability, rendering touch unnecessary. Her abilities can be draining, but not usually to an extreme extent.